Tools to Succeed in NP School

*page contains affiliate links* So now that you have been accepted into a graduate nursing program, its time to prepare yourself for the next two to three years of part-time or full-time study. I have listed a couple things that I found were incredibly useful to me when I was starting out, so I have... Continue Reading →


Preceptor to Preceptee

After years of being a preceptor for less experienced nurses, I found myself in the role of a preceptee recently. It left me with mixed feelings, some frustration, and wealth of new knowledge. Here are a few tips that I have whether you are a brand new preceptee, or an experienced nurse that has entered... Continue Reading →

The Graduate School Rejection Letter(s)

Getting rejected from graduate school is one of the worst feelings an individual can experience. Getting rejected enough times can really tear in to your motivation to better yourself and grow yourself professionally. But rejection doesn't mean you weren't meant to pursue the path that you are pursuing. You go through the 5 stages of... Continue Reading →

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